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The Last Day of the Year

My husband, Shawn, made a playlist of songs to usher in 2011: everything from the Weepies (“Not Your Year”) to Frank Sinatra (“It Was a Very Good Year”) to Nina Simone (“This Year’s Kisses”). Right now I’m listening to Reid Jamieson’s “Last Day of the Year“.

Three cheers it’s coming closer,
The new beginning you’ve been yearning.
Forward, keep falling forward.
The timing’s right, you shouldn’t fight it,
just be delighted.
Leave room for little doubt,
a lesson’s learned, a whisper shouted.
Turn your mistakes inside out
the last day of the year.

My word of the year for 2010 was DESIRE. Giving myself permission to discover and be led by what I want, not what I ought. Desire led me to Salt Lake City and a children’s writing conference, tugged me into the submissions process with my novel, ushered me deeply into my work as a coach, and got me blogging about location independence.

What does 2011 hold?

I don’t think I could be any more clear on what I desire. The trick in 2011 will be to get more of it by taking action that is STRATEGIC. Planning out the most efficient course, not just following the whims of my ideas and taking a hit off any old creative endeavor.

That may mean writing synopses for 5 or 10 new novels and picking the one that seems most promising. Getting professional feedback on my current manuscript so I can improve its chances of publication. Blogging the fundamentals of my creative philosophy. Offering stellar coaching programs that get more people writing and creating.

I work damn hard. In 2011 I plan to get more payoff by putting my effort where it counts.

Three cheers, it’s coming closer
the new beginning I’ve been yearning for.


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