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Hours For Art Interview with Rosemary Leach

Have you pledged your hours in the telethon yet? I would love to hear from you.

Today’s guest is Rosemary Leach, a painter in Almonte, Ontario. Since I live nearer to Rosemary than Jolie or Sara, I drove to her studio and interviewed her among the colourful canvases and clinking lunch dishes of her children in the other room. Rosemary struck me as such a grounded and happy artist. I hope you enjoy meeting her as much as I did.

If you’re in the Ottawa area, Rosemary has a show opening in Almonte on Thursday, April 21 from 6 – 9 pm at the Village Idiot Gallery. Go and have a chat with her yourself!


A video tour of Rosemary’s studio and her daily schedule


Right-click to download my audio interview with Rosemary Leach (27 min)

Rosemary and I talk about:

0:40 ~ How getting into the studio is a necessity for her

5:20 ~ Her journey from unhappy school teacher to full-time painter

8:00 ~ Working methods and domestic themes in her pieces

10:25 ~ The intersection between art and travel

12:55 ~ Thoughts on motherhood and children as teachers

19:35 ~ Owning her identity as an artist

23:00 ~ The one thing that separates the wheat from the chaff in the art world

I loved getting a glimpse of Rosemary’s artistic life. To see more, visit her website at www.rosemaryleach.com.

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