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My Kind of World Dominators

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this post without a whole lot of name-dropping, but I haven’t found a way.

I’m going to the World Domination Summit in early June so I can meet up with my tribe of rebellious, entrepreneurial, globe-trotting creative souls.

The list of speakers and conference-goers looks like it was ripped from my browser history and tweet stream. I suspect that Portland, Oregon is going to feel like a second home.

Here are just a few of the people I’m looking forward to seeing in a few weeks:

Brigitte Lyons:  Brigitte is the creative writer behind Unfettered Ink, and she’s on the cusp of leaving her job (PR) and her city (Chicago). She published my guest post last month, and she has a great free newsletter called PR Ideas for Busy People.

Jolie Guillebeau: Jolie’s husband Chris is the driving force behind the World Domination Summit. After interviewing Jolie in April, it will be great to say hello in person. And hopefully we can share a little knitting time!

Jodi Ettenburg: Jodi is a fellow Canadian and former lawyer now permanently travelling (recently in Thailand and Jordan). Her Thrillable Hours series led me to Akila McConnell, who I also interviewed for the Hours For Art telethon.

Sean Ogle: Sean runs Location 180, bringing location independent living to the masses. Sean recently interviewed me for his Location Rebel project about my freelance tech writing career.

Dusti Arab: This radically minimalist mom and writer is out to save us from settling at her newly launched site, Undefinable You.

Cynthia Morris: My writing coach! I worked with Cynthia a few years ago, and among other things, she inspired and encouraged me to embark on coaching myself. I owe her a big hug et quelques baisers. Cynthia leads trips for artists called Curious Excursions, this year to Boulder and Paris.

Andrea Scher: I’ve been reading Andrea’s Superhero Journal ever since she started writing it, and her handmade Superhero necklaces are my favourite accessories. Thanks to Rachel Cole (who will also be at WDS!), I now know that Andrea and I share three of our top five strengths, and we also both have sons named Nico. Andrea and Jen Lemen run Mondo Beyondo, a sumptuous e-course for dreamers. My parents and siblings still mention the Mondo Beyondo lists we made for New Year’s 2005 when we were in Culebra, Puerto Rico.

I wanted to make sure you know about these wonderful people so you can soak up their goodness for yourself.

And so that when you see the company I’m running with, you won’t be completely freaked out when I finally break my big news next week.

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  • Laureen Marchand May 13, 2011, 7:53 pm

    What a great time you will have! Am delighted to make the online acquaintance of some new like minds with new ideas. Look forward to reading them.


  • Michelle May 14, 2011, 2:14 am

    I’m going to be at WDS too, and I am SO SO SO looking forward to it! If I see you, I’ll say hi 🙂

  • Brigitte May 16, 2011, 12:08 am

    It’s been so nice to meet you…I can’t wait until we’re in Portland. Just a few more weeks! It feels groovy to be included in such an inspiring list of people.

  • Sean May 16, 2011, 5:08 pm

    I must say, I feel lucky to be included in such great company on this list – having spend considerable time with many of the people on the list, I can fully vouch for their awesomeness 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you!

  • Jodi May 17, 2011, 2:27 am

    Thank you for including me (and in such great company, too)! I look forward to meeting you in just a few short weeks.

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