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What does Irresistible Creativity Look Like in Action?

My vintage dictionary pendant, crafted by Kashoan Ward

You know you’re living in irresistible creativity when . . .

Your work beckons like a lover.

You can’t stay away from your studio.

Even when you don’t know the end result of your work, you have a point of entry ~ the opening to a labyrinth that you can’t wait to explore.

You notice when you’re not ready to work, and nurture yourself until you are.

You feel at peace when you’re not creating because it’s a choice you’ve made, not a block you’re butting up against.

You have defused the fear surrounding your dream of an art-committed life, so that you’re free to release all your devices for keeping it at arms-length.

You stay with a piece when you encounter challenges, instead of turning away in procrastination, because you trust your skills and desire to see it through.

Every part of your life works together to support and nourish every other part. There is no competition, only a healthy variety.

You know that the universe is not indifferent. It is actively benevolent. You seek out that benevolence from an attitude of pronoia and the blessings meet you at every turn.

You can step into flow whenever you want to.

Here’s what irresistible creativity looks like for me in the midst of Operation Hejira . . .

I enter a radio studio and speak with delight and ease about our travel plans, less than a week before we leave.

I have lunch with a dear author friend and make time for an interview that feels natural and connected.

I write a challenging blog post instead of watching the season finale of Treme, feeling my way into the right form and tone, and go to bed tired but satisfied.

I trust my intuition as I make quick decisions about what to keep and what to give away.

I allow myself to be tired and disoriented after such a significant life change. I nap. I read. I play with my kids. I let my relatives cook for me.

I am inspired to contact a professional editing firm about my middle grade novel, after letting it sit dormant for nine months.

I plan a big new project with the perfect collaborators, knowing I’ve opened up the space I need to bring it to fruition.

I thrill to working one-on-one with new creativity coaching clients.

Do you want to find out what irresistible creativity feels like for you? I invite you to Enter the Labyrinth.

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