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Truth and Beauty Totem: Kindle cover

I want to show you something true and beautiful in my life.

Operation Hejira has given me the chance to winnow down what I carry with me. The objects that remain are totems infused with meaning, and I’d love to share their stories with you.

The story

In July I bought a Kindle so I could feed my book habit while we travel. Then my mother asked about getting me an early birthday present, since it would be hard to send something to Malaysia in September. I knew what I wanted right away: a made-to-order leather Kindle cover from Oberon Design.

One of the pleasures of living in Michigan this summer was the ease of buying things online ~ no worries about customs or duty, no “I’m sorry, we don’t ship to Canada.” I wasn’t disappointed when this gorgeous parcel arrived at my door.

The beauty

I was drawn to the rich boldness of red, even though turquoise would fit the peacock image better. Red says power and desire (plus it matches my handbag). The leather design is deeply ridged and wonderful for running one’s hand over.

With the cover on, the Kindle has a lovely heft and I open the pewter clasp with reverence. The butterfly reminds me of transformation. The eyes of the peacock’s tail are heart-shaped, and the image connects me to a favourite writer, Flannery O’Connor, who loved peafowl and raised over 100 at her farm in Georgia.

The truth

I am grieving the loss of my cloth-and-paper books. I miss walking to the library and coming home with a whole stack for free. One night I woke in a panic, wishing that I had at least taken photographs of my bookshelves before giving away all those volumes. I am finding English books here in Penang, reasonably priced at the bookstores or mine for the taking from the resort library. But my sense of an abundant and customized supply is gone.

The leather cover is a way of bringing some luxury and presence to my digital device. It embodies my belief that design and physicality are an important part of the reading experience and worth the cost.


This post takes inspiration from my creativity manifesto, the Truth and Beauty Cycle. I look forward to giving you further peeks into my stash of totems in the coming weeks!

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  • Rhonda Douglas November 2, 2011, 9:38 pm

    Wow, that is absolutely GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing. I will bookmark Oberon just in case…of red leather emergency. (Hey, it happens!)

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