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About You

Creative You x (Art + Life) = Possibilities

You have accomplished amazing things as an artist – shaping raw material into compelling and meaningful work.

You’ve found your calling in the literary or fine arts and you’re relentlessly driven to master your craft and reach an audience.

Flow happens naturally when you sit down to create – you just follow the edge where you feel most alive.

You have many talents and get drawn into doing things because you’re good at them, even when they don’t feed your soul.

So you get frustrated by the way life comes between you and your work. You crave great conditions for your art-making – time, energy, physical and mental space – so you can bring more of your ideas to full expression.

You are ready to rededicate yourself to a life of art.

You want the crazy exhilaration and deep satisfaction that comes from turning nothing much into something amazing, as only you can.

You may not know what your art-committed life will look like, but you know it’s a must for your health and happiness. And you’ve got the open-mindedness and devotion to make it happen. You just need to decide where to start.

That’s where I come in. I coach you to design a life that has everything you need for creating meaningful artistic work.

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I’m so glad we found each other. Stay with me as we fashion our art-committed lives.