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Map Your Artistic DNA: Know yourself so you can do your work

You have a unique contribution to make to the world, as singular as the genetic code locked in your cells.

You’re thinking of making big changes so you can do more of your artistic work.

But the voice in your head is hammering you ~ What right do you have? How dare you?

Who do you think you are?

So you make do. You hang in. Through the parts of your life that bore you to tears. Through the painful moment when you leave your studio, your writing desk, not knowing when you’ll be back. Spending your energy on things that don’t matter, rarely getting a chance to recharge. As ideas come and go because you’re diverted by trivialities.

Who do you think you are?

What would your life look like if you really acknowledged your artistic gifts and acted on them?

What could you accomplish if you had a map of your creative make-up, in all its splendor and originality?

My artistic DNA led me to switch majors in college (from chemistry to English), choose the scariest grad school program, quit my corporate job, start a family, and take up creativity coaching. All in service of my fiction-writing self.

Who do you think you are?

That’s the question you get to answer in this 6-week course.

I want you to Map Your Artistic DNA. What ideas do you wrestle with? What images won’t let you go? What forms do you keep returning to? Why are you compelled to create what you create?

Once you’ve sequenced your artistic vision, you’ll know.

And when you know ~ when you see the truth and beauty inside you, waiting to be made manifest ~ you’ll find the power to change.

Align your outer life with your inner one.

Starting May 8, Map Your Artistic DNA takes you on an investigation of your mind and heart.

Week 1: Chart the spectrum of your creative personality
Week 2: Plot your development as an artist: The Past
Week 3: The blueprint of your artistic values
Week 4: What’s your genome for medium | form | genre?
Week 5: Plot your development as an artist: The Future
Week 6: Replicating your DNA: what do you get back from your creative work?

At the end of our time together, you’ll be able to say without hesitation:

I’m an artist. I’m a writer.

You’ll claim your discipline:

I’m a poet. I’m a cartoonist. I’m a novelist. I’m a children’s writer. I’m a performance artist.

You’ll embrace your material:

Autobiographical, domestic, personal, freaky, commercial, fantastic, obscure, intellectual.

All of this self-knowledge gives you the guts to change your life. So you can do more of your work.

We’ll use:

  • A no-frills email list for weekly lessons and homework assignments
  • A virtual retreat to examine your body of work for clues
  • A final commencement call to declare what you’ve learned

Be provoked and inspired by hearing other artists’ stories, and get some coaching and encouragement from me along the way.

You finish with a detailed portrait of your artist self that you can step into.

Your investment in this course is $298.

Registration is now closed. Sign up for my Very Impatient Artists list if you want to hear about any future sessions.

Alison Gresik is living the creative pro’s dream life that you want, and showing you how along the way. She’s the real deal. ~ Ashley Sinclair, Self Activator

Alison is super-damn-brilliant. Creative people, get some of her light! ~ Catherine Caine, Cash and Joy

Alison got me writing again. ~ Chris Anthony, Delight Specialist

P.S. Here’s my commitment to getting you grounded in who you are: if you work through all the material in this course and don’t feel that it significantly increased your confidence and clarity as an artist, I will refund your full fee, no questions asked.