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Work With Me

As an artist, you are journeying toward a satisfying creative life where . . .

  • You know how to set your fears and frustrations aside to enjoy the flow of inspiration.
  • You have the energy, support, and space you need for your creative work.
  • The world values what you make.

This journey takes courage and ingenuity, which come from a whole-hearted embrace of your artistic identity.

Coaching gives you the companionship, structure, and affirmation you need to stay with the journey.

When we work together as coach and client, I remind you that creativity is vital to your joy and health. I help you tap your inner strength and wisdom so you can work regularly, think confidently, and send your creations into the world.

As a coach, I care about you and your art because I want more truth and beauty in the world, and because I believe you will thrive when you’re doing what’s most meaningful to you.

Here’s how you can work with me.

The Field Guide to Truth and Beauty

Explore your creations and move forward with purpose.

The Field Guide to Truth and Beauty is a personal retreat through your body of work. The process takes you on an exploration of the writing and art you’ve made, with an eye for its uniqueness and meaning.

The self-led retreat is designed to take two hours, although you can spend as long as you like. You’ll be amazed at how much insight and confidence come from this brief encounter with your back catalog.

Enter the Labyrinth

Slow-release coaching for strong-willed creatives.

Enter the Labyrinth is two 60-minute coaching sessions a month. We begin with a three-month commitment, so you have time to ease into change and get your various selves working happily together.

Depending on your needs, we will cover various areas of your creative life:

Design: Know what’s most important to you and move with calm intention toward your goals
Feeling good: Dial down anxiety and negativity, and improve your mood whenever you want to
Structure: Change your environment and build routines so your creative side can flourish
Connection: Foster artistic partnerships and ask for support and respect from friends and family

Get more details on Enter the Labyrinth.