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Claiming Your Artistic License


Imagine, someone asks about you, and instead of stammering about this and that, you say, clear as a bell:

I’m an artist.

Without measuring yourself against some arbitrary standard in your head, you look into your heart and soul ~ your DNA ~ and find all the evidence you need to say:

I’m a writer.

What a great feeling, to own that for yourself.

And even more importantly, how would your life change if you stopped questioning whether you deserve to be an artist? What could you bring into the world if you had full-fledged permission to be you?

Give yourself license to be the artist you know you are.
So you can create the life you’re longing for.

I gave a free teleclass that leads you through this vital step in redesigning your life as an artist.

  • How you can stop trying to balance competing identities
  • Key characteristics of the creative personality that you’ll instantly recognize in yourself
  • Answering that nagging question, “What right do I have to call myself an artist?”
By the end of the class, you will have turned in your learner’s permit for a full-on Artistic License.

“I just stumbled across your blog recently and worked my way through your Artistic License worksheet, which was both emotional and empowering for me (I’ve tried everything to not be an artist . . . it’s not working). Already you have helped me to overcome an artist’s block that has had a hold on me for nearly a year.” ~ Lauren Zwicker, artist, illustrator, designer

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