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When 15 Minutes a Day Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

Comes a moment when you’re tired of making do with slices of time for your art.

You’ve heeded the advice that conditions will never be perfect, so you work on lunch hours, and late at night, and with kids pulling at your sleeve. Always frustrated that you can’t immerse yourself.

You say, “I need to steal some time to write,” and then think, “Who am I stealing it from? Isn’t it all mine anyway?”

You can’t bring yourself to face one more too-short, too-tired, too-distracted session in your studio.

The pressure of unwritten words, unsketched images, paint still in tubes is building to the breaking point.

Sure, conditions will never be perfect. But they could be a damn sight better than this.

Because you are creative and you are in charge. And your art matters.

When comes the moment that 15 minutes doesn’t cut it anymore, I’m your girl.

I’m the doctor you visit saying, “It hurts when I do this!*”  And I say, “Stop doing that!”

*”When I get an idea at the office and have to ignore it. When I spend money on stuff instead of buying myself time off. When I put all my creative energy into my kids and have none left for my own work.

When you’re ready to make radical changes in your life, I’m there.

I’ve done it.

  • Dropped to part-time hours at my job as soon as my husband finished school
  • Quit altogether when the overtime meant I was working full-time anyway
  • Freelanced so I could control my own work schedule and open up full days for writing
  • Put my kids in daycare part-time, which met my needs for alone time and made me a better mom
  • Became an entrepreneur so I could earn money in a way that fed me creatively
  • Drastically cut back on my volunteer jobs and extracurricular activities
  • Sold everything to travel and live more simply and cheaply

For several years, I’ve been coaching clients with a macro lens fastened to my view of creativity. Tightly focused on the artistic process inside the studio, and everything else falling outside the frame.

Now I’m swapping out my macro lens for a wide angle that leaves nothing out of bounds.

I’ve had that wide lens turned on my own life for years, and you can see the results.

The time has come to present myself as a life design agent for creatives. I work with accomplished writers and artists who want to remake their lives in support of their art.

If what I’ve said rings true for you, stick around.  Find out how dangerous that macro lens can be when you don’t know you’re using it.

And let me know if I can serve your quest to design an art-committed life . Find out how to contact me here.


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  • Leanna May 12, 2013, 3:22 am

    I feel so angry mos of the time if I’m sleeping and have short patience with my beautiful children 7 and 16 and 25 and 27 I do love them all, but I just can’t muster the energy to tell them all how important they all are to me. And how I feel my mother has poisend my relationship with my eldest son Sam, who I had at 16, she never had a son and always wanted one. who wouldn’t of wanted this handsome baby, he had black thick hair eyes blue as the sky, long thick black eyelashes litle turned up nose and big beautiful red lips. and he was sweet and soo spoiled, I didn’t really get to know or bond with my son, ever, he loves my mother he call me Leanne wich really hurts my feelings. But I have gotton used to it. My son blames every thing that goes wrong in his lige is my fault, he’s short tempered, spoiled and my mothe waites on him hand a foot, she is really messing him up for any women, if you ask me. and as for my Jackie born in 1988 is beautiful she is so sexual, love that about her she knows whats she wants and does it. She got married last April 15, 2013 She and Sam have daddy issues, I say fuck Sam. He’d sopposed to ge a comedian, but shhh… don’t tell any one, he ‘s not that fucking funny!! My Jackie Loves me, loves me and would do anyhting fo rme, as I would for her but she is a walking depressed person too. she trys to seem happy, but she really need meds, I wish they would figure it out and get her the right dosage already, Chris her husband is cool I just hope he doesn;t get hooked on any perscripton meds. Matthe My son I love him, I love them all. I just wish they will trust me opinions and listen to my thought process. I’m crazy but sometimes, I love my kids all the way down to Chris the 7 yearold, he is rambunctious and full of energy and strong willed maybe His future will be in politics, that would be great, All I want my kids to know is I am doing to the best I can with the tools i have been given with my broken family and dysfunctional upbringing in molested envirmeont from eldest grandpa to the older cousins wich happend to be brothers of course, I have decided only God can judge. I feel like I am a nuterior, I cook I feed my family and Im the onlly one cares aout ,them my Twin is know it all and has thre e perfect dauughters and and seems really close to my dad, she is the executer of his estate, he health is noe doing vdry well so his time is ticking pretty fast he will soon be leaving this planet ad emergin in something else, I know I will miss him dearly but he isnt very supportive emotionally or financialy so whatever. I just want to be remeberd for something other that me yelling,at everyone, when all I want to say to them is I LOVE YOU ALL AND IM LONLEY and stop excluding me assholes from everything, And as for my husband, what a joke, he used to be a good man a long tine ago, I don’t know who this guy is I marrired to. I love the other guy. not this one.

    • Patricia McDaniel October 13, 2014, 10:39 am

      I can certainly identity with the stranger you are married to now!!! Oh- Ivwish I had left mine the first year I was married!!! Before I had my children. My life is miserable with him. There is no marriage- 40 years later. It is so sad— in NC

  • luna November 3, 2014, 12:22 pm

    If I quit my job, I am on the streets. I am a teacher for a big district that is downing me. I deal with it by avoidance. I am supposed to be a writer, but I can’t. I have to work. I am incompetent at my job because I am so unhappy. I don’t care about it. How can you say, “all you have to do is quit.” I quit, I starve.

  • A.H. July 1, 2015, 4:04 pm

    Little bits of time certainly don’t cut it anymore, and I’d love to achieve the “Xanadu” you mention in other entries, but I noticed most of your advice is directed towards adults, often with families of their own. I understand this is because you are yourself an adult, a mother, but I have so many of the same depressing feelings you mention here at age 19 and have felt that way for as long as I can remember. I want to live a creatively rich life and I know my meaning is in art, but I’m falling under the weight of family expectations/obligations, college, and uncertainty for the future. How can I get people to truly believe that I know who I am and what I want, and that I know what will make me happy? It seems every time I try to explain myself to anyone significantly older, they still just think I’m a confused kid who doesn’t know what’s right for herself.

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