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Announcing Pilgrimage of Desire

Have you ever wondered what “being stuck” really means? 

Do you ever wonder what suppressing your gifts and talents does to your mind, body, and soul?

Do you ever wonder how stepping out of the mainstream ~ mortgage, car, kids, and work ~ could change your life?

I began asking myself these questions when staring both depression and creative frustration in the face. Through the process of embracing and making room for creative flow in my life, I discovered that service to creativity brings infinitely more reward than service to stuff. This discovery led me and my young family to ditch the mortgage ~ and the secure job ~ in favour of a year-long, world-wide adventure we call Operation Hejira.

Pilgrimage of Desire recounts how I took slow, steady steps to enable this voyage, the challenges faced along the way, and ~ more importantly ~ includes ideas and exercises for all those who are beginning to question how they can bring more creativity and flow into their own lives.

Pilgrimage of Desire is the story of how I learned to leave behind sanctioned concrete and follow my own desire lines, and how you can do the same.

I am devoted to getting this book into your hands.

I will be self-publishing Pilgrimage of Desire in digital and limited-edition print versions in November 2012. In order to do that, I’m running a 30-day Indiegogo fundraiser to finance the design, editing, and printing costs. I am crowd-funding this project because I believe in the power of many.

I invite you to subscribe to the Pilgrimage of Desire mailing list and read the sample chapters:

See what we’re doing with the story and design, and find out if it speaks to you. And if it does, I hope you will contribute and claim some of the lovely rewards I’ve put together, including the book itself.

I am really really proud of this work.
It’s the best of all I have to offer right now.
I hope you love it too.

Thank you for getting the word out and making this book real.

I would love it if you contributed
and shared the fundraiser with your friends! xoxo 

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