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Make a Pledge to the Hours For Art Telethon

Hours For Art telethon

15 minutes a day isn’t enough anymore.

You want Hours For Art.

You’ve been pursuing your creative discipline for years ~ decades, even. What you’ve accomplished with your time is remarkable.

But you’re not satisfied.

You’ve seen what you can do when you fit creative work into the cracks of your life.

What would happen if you put art in the centre and built your life around it?

We encounter fundraisers all the time, where we are asked to give money generously to people in need.

The Hours For Art telethon is a timeraiser where the beneficiary is YOU.

And by extension, your readers / audience / collectors benefit too. How many new books and drawings and stories and paintings will come into being because of this telethon?

Call 1-613-454-5594 to pledge your Hours For Art.

You can also Skype me at AlisonGresik and leave a message, or email me at alison (at) gresik (dot) ca.

When you leave a message, tell me:

  • Your name
  • Your creative discipline
  • The change you’re making in your life (in other words, the labyrinth you’re building)
  • The number of hours per week this gives you to pledge to your creative practice
  • Your email address (so I can contact you afterward)
  • Anything else you’d like to share

Note: I will be publishing the voice messages here on the site (with your email address edited out). If you don’t want your message posted at all, just let me know ~ I’m happy to keep it private.

Here’s a sample pledge in case you’re wondering what to say:


Hear Ramona pledge two hours a week.

What do you get out of making a pledge?

  1. You spend more time in the studio. Woohoo!
  2. You affirm to yourself and all of us listening that you are an artist, your art matters, and you’re building your life around it.
  3. You become part of this circle of supportive writers and artists who are at a similar point in their journey. You remember that you’re not the only one.
  4. Everyone who pledges is invited to a free call with me during the last week of April, to get support in making these changes happen.

Hours For Art will be here all week, Monday to Thursday! In addition to making your pledge and hearing those of others, you can listen to interviews with some inspiring creative people who are walking the talk of their commitment to art. And I’ll be giving away creativity books on my Facebook page.

So subscribe by RSS or email and stick around.

P.S. Please share this event with your friends: writing groups, artists’ associations, grad classes. And on Twitter, you can use the hashtag #hoursforart.


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