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Hours For Art Interview with Jolie Guillebeau


Today’s guest on the Hours For Art telethon is Jolie Guillebeau, a visual artist with a studio in Portland, Oregon. Jolie has created a daily painting practice for herself, supported by a devoted base of fans and clients all over the world.

Jolie and I talked about:

0:55 ~ Her excitement at having a dedicated studio space for the first time

2:25 ~ Connecting with others as an important part of her creative practice

3:55 ~ The 100 Paintings projects and their impact on her art (perfect examples of labyrinths)

6:10 ~ Jolie’s sense of what makes her an artist even when she’s not painting

7:50 ~ The moment she realized how important painting was to her

10:30 ~ The first time she said I’m an artist and what gave her that confidence

13:00 ~ Opportunities for artists made possible by the internet (and why she turned down gallery representation)

14:45 ~ Her metaphor for the business side of art

Thanks so much to Jolie for kicking off the telethon! You can follow her on Twitter at @joliekg or visit her website at artbyjolie.com.



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